written by Daniel Kähny

This is my first blog entry here written in English. Why? Read the story to get the answer.

In one of our most complex stories about the dispute of setting up a second saloon in Adelhausen. One of the main protagonists was Mr. "Kaehni lang", translated the "tall Kaehni". He signed official documents with:

In the context of this dispute he was accussed for "illegal vote collection". In the Grand Duchy of Baden it was forbidden to collect votes for any inquiry without permission of the administration. At the end he got a small fine. The real name of this man was Johann Kähni born in 1779. But why "lang (tall)". At this time in the same generation existed three Johann Kähny in a village with 500 inhabitants. To avoid confusion they have choosen nicknames. Obviously these Kähni's were tall. However this still does not explain why this entry is written in English.

In spring 2022 Mike Wallish from the US contacted me. He needed some info about his ancestors from Adelhausen and he wanted to visit the pretty village of Adelhausen. Silvester Kaehni, a son of Johann emigrated at the end of the 1840's to the US. He is the grand-grand-father of Mike.

On the 13.10.2022 he and his wife entered for the first time in their life Adelhausen. Angie Fricker and myself had the pleasure of guiding them through Adelhausen and its history. We started at the Rathaus, where Mayor Rütschle received us.

f.l.t.r. Myself, Mayor Rütschle, Deborah and Mike in the assembly hall (background: emblem of archbishop Dr. Karl Fritz, a son of Adelhausen)

The Rathaus was bult in the years 1826 to 1827. It had a modern multifunctional concept. It contained the administration, the fire brigade and the school. Silvester as almost all emigrants to the US at this time very probably visited the school here. The photo below schows Deborah and Mike sitting at an old school desk in the schoolroom.

 From there we started a walk, leading us to the main buildings, connected to the history of the Kähni family. One of the most beautiful houses nowadays, was the building where Johann lived and Silvester very probably was born.  After the walk we added a short trip to the beautiful church of Eichsel. Adelhausen has no own church but was since the beginning of available records part of the parish of Eichsel. All inhabitants of Adelhausen during that time were baptized in the church of Eichsel.


Deborah and Mike in front of the main entry of the church St. Gallus in Eichsel

Finally we had a picknick in the forrest of Adelhausen with local specialities, which all of us enjoyed. We tried the best to give the Wallish's a great time here, we had a lot of fun, exchanges concerning our ancestors and are looking forward to meet them again.

If somebody from anywhere plans to visit the places here in the area or just needs some info about his ancestors here, donot hestitate to contact myself for any inquries (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!). If you need assistance in planning a visit or guided tours, Angie provides professional services. She is a certified tour guide and guest guide.


 Note: All pictures are published with the consent of the persons shown.